The Multicultural Health Network (MHN)

The Multicultural Health Network (MHN) runs four main committees that are focused on one initiative, the elimination of disparities in health care access. These committees are Steering, Policy, Data and CLAS. All three committees work on various levels to forward the cause of disparities.

The steering committee is actively works on three items: recruitment, development and planning. Recruitment is vital to keeping a vibrant network that represents Utah interests. Development will include the production of a development and marketing plan. Planning involves the creation of a more cohesive overall goal for MHN.

The policy committee's most pressing objective involves the organization of bills and advocacy initiatives for policy makers regarding the issues of inequities that affect Utahns.

The data committee is involved in the compilation and dissemination of health inequities data. This data is used both in support and guidance of the other committees.

CLAS committee (Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Services) works on various cultural competency and medical interpretation issues. Initiatives vary from the bills to training to conferences that advance these issues.





Welcoming Utah

Welcoming Utah Campaign
building a state of neighbors

Comunidades Unidas is thrilled to begin our Welcoming Utah Campaign!

What's a Welcome Campaign? Based on a model that originated in Tennessee, a Welcome Campaign uses media outreach and public engagement to promote healthy dialogue about immigrants, refugees, race and ethnicity in communities across the country.

Click here to learn more about the national Welcoming America Campaign

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