The following stories were written by students from Professor Laura Bradford's Immigrant Experience class at Salt Lake Community College through a collaborative project with the Welcoming Utah Initiative.


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About the Initiative

Communities United's Welcoming Utah Initiative aims to strengthen relationships between Utah's native-born and foreign-born residents. To do this, Welcoming Utah hosts community dialogues and activities that allow new and old Utahans opportunities to share their stories and to talk about immigration within a humanitarian context.

Through various communication mediums, Welcoming Utah also promotes awareness of the contributions that immigrants make to Utah and the different ways that new residents strengthen our communities and our collective cultural fabric.

Currently, Welcoming Utah focuses it's work in communities within Salt Lake City. Welcoming Utah's community building efforts consist of activities such as:

  • Film screenings that evoke conversations about the nature of immigration in Utah
  • Community dialogues that encourage new and long-term Utahans to share stories about their backgrounds and acknowledge the commonalities they share.
  • Workshops that help long-term residents understand the complex immigration system - "Immigration 101 Workshop"
  • City or state-wide "welcoming" demonstrations, such as the Welcoming SLC Resolution.


Welcoming Utah is a produd member of Welcoming America.


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Welcoming Utah

Welcoming Utah Campaign
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Comunidades Unidas is thrilled to begin our Welcoming Utah Campaign!

What's a Welcome Campaign? Based on a model that originated in Tennessee, a Welcome Campaign uses media outreach and public engagement to promote healthy dialogue about immigrants, refugees, race and ethnicity in communities across the country.

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