Fany De Lucas

 Immigrants Rights Community Mobilizer

Fany De Lucas was born and raised part of her life in Toluca, Mexico and the other part in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fany joined Comunidades Unidas Team in 2021 but has been serving the community and her people since a young age. Fany has been involved in empowering youth and young adults to teach them the importance and power of their stories. She has also worked aside other organizations for example Voices for Utah Children where she assisted the JID Court Team advocating for young juveniles in the court system she also assisted in the Left Behind Workers Fund and managed to fund financial assistance to 450 immigrant families during the midst of COVID 19. She loves to serve and encourage her community in whatever way she can. 

Being an immigrant herself she personally knows and feels the need to be heard and have her story be told. “As an immigrant” she shares “we unfortunately don’t receive the possibilities others do which makes us feel unacknowledged, but I want to be that voice, that person who fights in the background for the opportunities of others that even I can’t yet receive.” She admires the vision that Comunidades Unidas stands for and she commits to always be an addition to that vision and help make it come to pass.

Fany currently is an Immigrant Rights Community Mobilizer for Comunidades Unidas where she works side by side a team of passionate community organizers and immigrant advocates, who have the same hope and dream she has for justice without borders.