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Support the Heroes Act and #standwithimmigrants!

Utah’s undocumented immigrants have been considered essential during this pandemic but have continuously been excluded from most aid. 

Many of Utah's immigrants are living confronted by the fact that they must continue risking their lives in order to work and put food on their table because they unlike most of us did not qualify for things as basic as a stimulus check.


These are the stories of the mothers and fathers who pick the fruits and vegetables we eat, they are the workers at the meat packaging plants processing our foods, they are the construction workers who have built our neighborhoods, they are the people in housekeeping and those working in warehouses, they’re the ones who have been stocking grocery store shelves throughout the pandemic. They move our state and the cities in which they work or live and we owe it to them to ensure that they and their families can also be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve as they face this pandemic. And that must start by acknowledging that we stand with immigrants and coming together to prioritize extending relief to all families. They aren’t asking for a handout, they pay taxes and such we must extend all aid to them as well.

Stand with immigrants in Utah and across the country by signing a petition asking Senator Romney to support the Heroes Act

Here's what our families deserve

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