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Melinda Pettingill Patterson 


Melinda Pettingill Patterson LCSW

Therapist--Salt Lake City

Melinda has specialized in mental health and psychological trauma treatment for 20+ years working primarily in and with non-profits as well as teaching trauma and social work courses at the University of Utah, Westminster and Salt Lake Community College.  Melinda partnered with Communidades Unidas in 2016 while working as the Rape Recover Center Clinical Director, and has been in love with the organization ever since.  Melinda has previously served on several nonprofit and city/county boards--most recently serving as the Human Rights Chair for the Salt Lake County Mayor's Council on Diversity Affairs.  Melinda is an advocate  for equity, fairness and reparations in the communities impacted most negatively by systemic injustice. Melinda is passionate about mental health, healing, and social justice.  In her free time Melinda loves to play with her children (Kai and Max), her dog (Hamilton), and travel with her partner (Darin). Melinda loves Comunidades Unidas and is grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting this amazing organization.

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