Sofia Negrete

Community Organizer for Immigrant Rights

Sofía (she/her/ella) was born in Antofagasta and raised in Santiago, Chile. She immigrated to Utah as a teenager, and because of her passion for immigrant rights she got involved with Comunidades Unidas in 2019 in her last year of high school. She is currently a Sophomore at Georgetown University studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Sofía lives in Washington D.C. and works remotely with Comunidades Unidas. Due to her life experiences
and the impact that immigration has had on her life and that of her communities, she is a passionate advocate and believes on the importance of uplifting the voices of the impacted community in every movement.

Sofía joined Comunidades Unidas as an intern for the immigrant rights team in 2019 and worked here for a semester before heading to Washington, D.C. She attended the Unidos U.S.immigration

conference, and continues her organizing work on campus at Georgetown’s club Hoyas for Immigrant Rights. As the co-president, she has worked on highlighting the intersectional identities of immigrants and uplifting the experiences of immigrant communities that can often be left behind in the movement. She has now returned to Comunidades Unidas to lead the campaign for immigration reform and ensure that all 11+ million undocumented immigrants are included in the efforts to pass bills with a pathway to citizenship for the community.

Sofía is eager to get Utah communities engaged in advocacy for immigration reform, and for all of us to work together and make a difference. Empowering her community is the most important thing for all her community organizing work, and she hopes to unite people through encouraging everyone to realize the power they have. She is focused in ensuring that all voices are heard in this movement, and that no one gets left behind whether that is through continuously fighting for different reforms or for one all-encompassing bill. We are all essential and should be recognized as such.


In her free time, Sofía enjoys exploring cities and nature, traveling when possible, interior design, swimming, skiing, and eating empanadas and chocolate.