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Wendy Cordova

Promotora / Enrollment Specialist

Wendy Cordova was born in Mexico, studied Technical in Administrative Informatics in the State of Mexico. She has been a promotora in Comunidades Unidas for 5 years, she has worked in the Juntos Hacia Tu Salud program, empowering people in the elaboration of an action plan for a healthier life. Coordinates the Buying Rico y Sano program in nutrition classes, healthy food demonstrations, and grocery store visits.

She supports the Health Window of the Mexican consulate and Jornadas Sabatinas. Wendy has participated in the annual Utah Cancer Prevention Conference with the Nutrition and Physical Activity workshop. She participated in the project on Autism in Latinx children, supports as a facilitator in the Leadership training for promotoras of Comunidades Unidas, the Workers' Rights and Safety program and SNAP (food stamps) program where she supports and empowers Latinxs in filling out applications. She has also participated in the COVID-19 program supporting the community with resources.