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Brianna N Puga 

Immigration Rights Community Organizer 

Brianna is a Chicana from Los Angeles, California and raised by a single immigrant mother, Maria. Brianna’s interest in social justice, social work started at a young age. She remembers being 9 years old. Her mother would be constantly working to provide for her and her siblings. She would drop her off with her relatives to look after her while Maria worked long hours.


Brianna spent much of her time with one of her cousins who was around her age. Her cousin would be in and out of county buildings for group sessions and classes since she was often getting in trouble at school and such. She would tag along with her cousin, sit in the back of these classes, and listen in. Brianna remembers the social worker presenting on different critical topics to all of the youth in the class, but most importantly, she recalls the impact the social worker formed in her and in others. Through these experiences, Brianna quickly learned she wanted to make a positive impact for others as that social worker did for her. 

Brianna is a passionate community organizer that has a long history of social work, and advocacy. Her desire to support the undocumented community stemmed from her experiences in college as the President of Latinos in Action (LIA) during Trump’s presidency. The fear, and turmoil that her fellow club members and classmates endured was a true eye-opener for her. It was during this time that she knew she wanted to continue serving undocumented immigrants and the overall BIPOC community. Since then, Brianna has gone on to work in local domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health, and homeless prevention organizations.


Brianna has completed internships and volunteer opportunities at FWD.US, DACA Scholars, Salt Lake Community College, etc. Above all else, Brianna has been serving as a volunteer at Comunidades Unidas since she was 17 years old. 

One of Brianna’s main goals is to empower and amplify undocumented immigrant voices throughout the Beehive state and across the nation. She would like to bring to light the barriers and injustices undocumented immigrants and mixed-status families face on a daily basis. To fight for a pathway to citizenship for ALL immigrants!

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