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CU's New Mission, Vision & Values

|Our Mission|

Comunidades Unidas (CU) is an organization founded in 1999 that fights to build the social and political power of people who identify as Latinx immigrants(including undocumented folks) living in Utah. We defend the human rights of our community by connecting them to the social service programs they need to prosper and with opportunities to organize to transform themselves and their community.

|Our Vision|

At CU we are transforming ourselves to create Utah a state where our Latinx and immigrant community has the courage to take and use their social and political power in favor of their collective interests. To create a state where our community can live being authentic and true to themselves. We want to make Utah a place where immigrants' humanity is recognized and immigrants can find a path towards their liberation.

|Our Values|

Comunidades Unidas lives the values of love, respect, advocacy, inclusivity, and social justice. This is how our values are reflected in our work: It is our love, inclusiveness, and respect for the Latinx, immigrant, and undocumented community that leads us to fight for social justice, and inclusion, and advocate for every member of the community equitably. Together, and guided by these values, we can tackle the injustices that face our community from the roots in order to ensure liberation for all.

  • We believe in creating spaces where every member of our community, regardless of legal status, gender identity, sex, race, nationality, and sexual orientation feels welcomed; not simply tolerated.

  • We believe that no human being is illegal; we are undocumented.

  • We believe that women and people with uteruses should have the fundamental right to decide what they do with their own bodies.

  • We believe in tackling the systems that oppress us from the root.

  • We believe in the liberation of all immigrants and, therefore, we will not criminalize any member of our community. We will not trade the freedom of some members of our community for that of others.

  • We believe that to change the world we first have to transform ourselves.

  • We believe that social justice is a neverending process and not a final destination.

  • We believe that our fate is interconnected. In the words of civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer. "Nobody's free until everybody's free" 

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