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Our Voices was created by a group of interns at Comunidades Unidas in 2019. Over the course  of 18 months, they worked together to increase youth presence within the organization. On August 15, 2019, Our Voices met for the first time. From then, Our Voices expanded into what it is today—a collective of young leaders who support each other, collaborate, organize, and use their voices to make a change in their community.

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This summer, Our Voices began to organize in person for the first time since the pandemic. In an effort to “relaunch” the youth group, “Youth Day” was the first meeting that the group organized. From there, the group began to meet weekly to brainstorm different ideas for spreading the word about the group. Since then, the group organized a movie discussion night at Spy Hop, a Salt Lake City nonprofit that fosters young people’s talent in digital media arts. The event’s purpose was to promote media literacy and conversations about issues such as internalized racism, the educational system in America, and BIPOC representation in film and media.

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Our Voices welcomes youth between the ages of 15-19, however we do not turn away those outside of this age range. If you are interested in joining us or you’d like to learn more about what we do and who we are please fill out the form below and/or contact us!

Contact Information

Immigrant Rights Community Organizer -> Brianna Puga,

Digital Media Organizer -> Cody Salais,

Our Voices ->

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