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What is it?

This campaign is focused in organizing the immigrant community and allies to address specific issues that affect the undocumented and immigrant communities of Utah. 

What issues?

  • Creating state-level protections for undocumented workers, addressing workplace abuse and focusing on day laborers and domestic workers

  • ​Ending collaboration between Utah county jails and ICE.

  • Launching a voter participation campaign to empower young Latinxs.

  • Implementing a “Know Your Rights” campaign to educate people on interactions with authorities and ICE.

  • Increasing healthcare and screening services for uninsured individuals.

  • Starting a large-scale workers' rights campaign for undocumented workers.

  • Connecting newly arrived asylum seekers with vital resources.

  • Strengthening tenant protections and addressing gentrification in communities like Rose Park, Glendale, Magna, and West Valley City.

  • Supporting first-generation, undocumented and DACAmented students on their path to college.


With the power of people organizing together, in 4 committees focused on an issue that we are targeting.

We need YOU to join us in this movement, so we can ensure to meet our goals and expand protections for undocumented people in Utah.


Are You Ready to Join?

  • Fill out our form below to join the campaign

  • Come to our next meeting 

  • Follow us on social media to stay updated on the date and time of the next campaign meeting

  • Tell your friends and family about the campaign and bring them to the meeting with you!


Friday, April 19th
Location: Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts
95 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City, UT
Time: 5:30pm to 7pm



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Tell Joe Biden to to act to deliver relief to undocumented immigrants living in the US

Voters want permanent solutions for undocumented immigrants. President Biden must now do what he has the power to do via executive action: end deportations, end police-ICE agreements, close detention centers and create a PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP.  

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Tell Gov. Cox to support the UT Stronger Together Agenda!

Governor Cox and the Utah State Legislature are about to decide how they will spend the $1.6 billion coming to our state from the American Rescue Plan. It is crucial that they listen to Utahns first!.

Tell Gov. Cox and your state legislators that you want them to support this agenda.

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Urge Senator Romney to Pass Immigration Reform!

Thanks to immigrant essential workers, Utah's crops got picked, the grass got mowed, the buildings got built, the restaurants served food and people got vaccinated. It's time to give back!


Join us in urging our senator to pass immigration reform! Tell Gov. Cox and your state legislators that you want them to support this agenda.

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