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Cecilia Amaro

Board Member

Cecilia has been involved in community and service affairs since her early teenage years. She participated in several youth groups in her home town in Uruguay, South America. During her undergraduate years, she used her experience and participation in student groups to motivate other females to pursue educational opportunities as a way of increasing their participation in the workforce leadership community. Cecilia obtained a bachelor’s degree in Public Accountancy with a minor in Administration and Accountancy from University of Uruguay. She completed a Master of Science in Accountancy a few years after she moved to Utah and is in the process of becoming a CPA.


Currently, Cecilia works for American Express as a Regulatory Reporting Manager which allows her the opportunity to participate in Comunidades Unidas and contribute to the growth and development of the Latino community. She is also an active member of many other diversity networks such as the Hola, Parents, Ben, Asian, PRIDE and Veterans networks, just to name a few. Her life passion is to promote a culture where all girls and women in our Hispanic community grow up with the opportunity and support to access education and career opportunities so they may become leaders of their families, workplaces, politics, and communities in general.


With her experience as an immigrant and as a Spanish speaker, Cecilia is always participating small Hispanics groups promoting the access to health benefits, citizenship and immigration processes, civic participations, small business developments, etc. Due to her vast international work experience, she has useful insight into small business creation in different parts of the world and opportunities for our Hispanics communities to create a sustainable income and support their families.


Cecilia's work with CU focuses guiding board members, staff members, volunteers, and donors towards how they might best contribute to our efforts and make a permanent difference in their communities.

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