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Reyna E. Villegas

Development Manager

Reyna graduated with her Associates in Social Work from Salt Lake Community College in 2017. In 2019, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah and a year later, she graduated with her Master of Social Work. Currently Reyna is pursuing her Social Work Licensure while working at Comunidades Unidas.
Reyna’s motivation to help and empower others led her to start an Internship at Comunidades Unidas through Salt Lake Community College. She began as an intern in the Fall of 2016, where she learned about the essential rights for undocumented and DACA community members. Through her experiences and through her volunteering in her community. Her life has been impacted in a way that led her to be more aware of the needs of her community. She felt compelled and driven to get involved in a cause that can assist people such as her own, helping shape countless lives and creating social responses that can lead underrepresented communities down a new path of equal

opportunities, growth and social justice. During her time at CU she has served her community in distinctive roles, including advocating for undocumented families in Washington D.C., leading the efforts of Know Your Rights program, connecting families with resources, providing educational information about Workers Rights in the Workplace, and responsible for leading the FEF program at CU.

Fun note: Reyna likes to read manga, hiking, or bake delicious desserts for her family. 

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