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Family in Nature

Family Emergency Fund

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic our community’s needs have increased in general, yet we noticed that the most vulnerable community members were those who are undocumented. We have many stories about families that received our Family Emergency Fund, and how this helped them through this time of crisis. Below are some stories: 

FEF stories 1.jpeg

Family 01

A family affected by the deportation of their father, who was the only economic support in their family made up of a mother and 4 young children, was provided with pertinent and necessary resources at the time, as well as the FEF check with which they were able to pay their rent. They were referred to our food distribution program and were able to receive healthy and culturally competent food items. To date the family tries to take life day by day in the absence of their dad.

Family 02

A single mother with 4 children affected by COVID-19, as soon as she gets out of COVID her children become infected. The time she was away from work because of COVID caused a delay in rent and utility payments and they lost their home. They had to go to live in a shelter and  her two teenage children were very emotionally affected. The family called CU and they were provided mental health resources, food distribution, and they benefited from FEF, which they were able to use as a deposit on a new living space. Little by little, the family has been overcoming those difficult times they went through and they work together as a family for the common good.

FEF stories 2.jpeg
FEF stories 3.jpeg

Family 03

A family with two children, one of them was hospitalized because of a complication from COVID-19. Because of this, the mother spent day and night at the hospital with the baby, while the father took care of their daughter. Their finances were severely affected, as well as their mental health. The family started to sell their belongings to make ends meet, yet they still couldn’t afford paying their rent and buying food. They received the FEF check and this was a small yet big stimulus check that marked a difference and allowed them to pay for rent and get food. To this date, the father is registered in CU as a volunteer and the family is doing better day by day.

Family 04

Alondra is a 35 year old woman that when giving birth two months ago, lost her eyesight completely. The doctors are not being held responsible for the situation. She was married, and while she was going through this difficult time, her husband left her. She is now disabled and a single mother, her bills and rent payment are just a few of her worries. For these reasons, she called requesting our help to apply for SNAP benefits, but she received very little to pay for her children's food. She received FEF to support her in some way through all that she is going through.


Family 05

Emilia, another single mother with a new baby, gave birth four months ago. The epidural was administered incorrectly and she became immobilized in her right foot and leg. At that time she received no medical help because she does not have health insurance and the pain medications are very expensive. She tries as much as she can to bear the pain. Due to the high cost of the pain medications and her great need, she has been awarded FEF.

Like these, we have many more stories, where the pandemic obliterated their lives for a moment but the most beautiful part of these stories and what makes us feel so proud of our community is the RESILIENCE that everyone has shown and the many lessons we have learned.

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