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Celebrating 23 years of community organizing and service

23 Reasons to Invest in CU's Work

Through the endless dedication of our promotorxs, volunteers, and interns, Comunidades Unidas has accomplished so much in the last 23 years. As an organization, we are committed to challenging oppressive and inequitable institutions at their roots in order to bring about new and just systems. We continuously fight for immigrant rights, as well as social and economic equity. Through organizing, advocating, and providing direct services to our community members, Comunidades Unidas generates much needed systemic change. During this time of reflection and celebration, it is critical to remember that none of this would have been possible without the support of our partners, donors, and grantors. As a team, Comunidades Unidas is filled with gratitude for those who share our core values, and have chosen to contribute to our efforts. Consider donating today so that we may continue to advocate and provide essential services for our community in order for them to thrive.


COVID-19 Clinics

We administered more than 4,000 COVID-19 vaccines to the community at clinics that were held here at Comunidades Unidas with the help of the Salt Lake County Health Department.


Sexual Health

In just the past 3 months, we have provided information about sexual health to almost 500 members of our community through Facebook videos.


Immigration Clinic

Over the past year, our immigration clinic has realized 96 consultations regarding immigration status. From this, Comunidades Unidas has completed 42 citizenship applications, 31 DACA renewals, and 12 residency renewals.


Immigrant Rights Awareness

Comunidades Unidas is dedicated to protecting and empowering our immigrant community. To do this, CU continuously brings awareness to issues facing our undocumented community members. Not only do we fight for legislative change, but through social media, online, and news outlets, our organization works to inform people of their rights in the face of situations that threaten the life they've built here in the U.S.


Comprando Rico y Sano (CRyS) -

Buying Healthy and Delicious

Throughout the past year, our CRyS program has reached out to 3,582 community members, completed 30 supermarket visits with 120 people in attendance, hosted physical activity workshops for 90 participants, and provided cooking demonstrations for 20 people.​

Thanks to this program, Comunidades Unidas has provided glucose, blood pressure, and BMI tests for 762 people. Additionally, we have conducted preventative health workshops or “charlas” for 3,050 community members.


Advocacy for Migrants 

In September 2021, we welcomed Utah’s congressional delegation back from recess by joining them in Washington, D.C. Comunidades Unidas joined thousands of other migrants, farmworkers, TPS holders, essential workers, and allies in the D.C. "Welcome Back Congress" march.


This movement welcomed over 10,000 people from over 30 states who showed unfettered determination to advocate for millions of their community members. The march was meant to place members of Congress on clear notice to deliver on their promises for a pathway to citizenship.


Community Organizing

This month of August 2022, we had a community meeting in Comunidades Unidas with various community members to talk about the future of CU as a 501(c)(4). Multiple program leaders and managers were able to provide support and knowledge- resulting in a successful meeting.


Worker's Safety

From January to August of 2022, we have reached out to, educated, and directly informed 1,224 Latinxs about workplace safety, Labor Commission resources, and OSHA. We provide workshops in an effort to ensure that our community members know their rights in terms of fair compensation, secure equal treatment in their workplace, and are knowledgeable in how to avoid serious and fatal injuries in the workplace.


Tobacco Prevention

Comunidades Unidas is committed to the well-being of its community members. As such, part of what our preventative health team focuses on is tobacco use prevention and education. On our website we provide information about the dangers of tobacco use and refer users to the correct organizations that can connect them with necessary resources for them, or family members, to receive the help needed to quit using tobacco products.


Connection Between Organizations - United Today, Stronger Tomorrow

Comunidades Unidas joined the United Today, Stronger Tomorrow coalition- a partnership that involves advocacy at the local, state and federal level. Specifically, we joined to push for federal COVID-19 recovery money to be received by all working families, including undocumented immigrants. In doing this work, we have encouraged undocumented and mixed status families to share their experiences in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.


Event with First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden

On May 5th of 2021, Comunidades Unidas had the privilege of organizing a vaccination event for the immigrant community. Here, the First Lady., Dr. Jill Biden, with Representative Angela Romero, connected with both community members who received the vaccine and CU’s promotorxs. During the visit, we highlighted the work of our organization and community health workers, and with that, asked Dr. Biden for her support for a pathway to citizenship for essential immigrant workers.


Evolution of Mission & Vision 

After more than two decades of serving the community, we have decided to revisit our mission, vision, and values statements. When first reflecting, we knew that we wanted all three concepts to reflect the ways that Comunidades Unidas has changed over the years- and to accurately represent our current work and community impact. Throughout this revision process, we have received input from staff, board members, promotorxs, and community members. We are proud to say that through everyone’s combined contributions, we have an up to date and accurate representation of who we are as an organization.


UCCP Cancer Control

This past year, 45 low-income women without health insurance received a free mammogram here at Comunidades Unidas. Additionally, more than 100 people received education about breast cancer prevention in collaboration with Huntsman Cancer and U Health.


Ventanilla de Salud (VDS) -

Health Booth

In our health booth in the Mexican Consulate, we have attended to 2,016 people, provided 11,169 people with necessary services, and were able to vaccinate 615 people against the flu and 6,660 against the COVID-19 virus.


Youth Group - Our Voices

This past June demonstrates the incredible work happening with our young Latinx leaders. During this time, Comunidades Unidas' youth group, Our Voices, held meetings to discuss the impact of expected gender roles from general society, and from within our own Latinx community. They also took time to reflect on what happened in Uvalde, Texas, and the importance of gun reform in the U.S.


Ventanilla de Asesoría Financiera (VAF) - Financial Advisory Booth

From January to August of 2022, 6,503 community members have received information about Comunidades Unidas' financial coaches program at the Mexican Consulate.


Food Access

Throughout the past year, our CRyS program has reached out to 3,582 community members, completed 30 supermarket visits with 120 people in attendance, hosted physical activity workshops for 90 participants, and provided cooking demonstrations for 20 people.​

Thanks to this program, Comunidades Unidas has provided glucose, blood pressure, and BMI tests for 762 people. Additionally, we have conducted preventative health workshops or “charlas” for 3,050 community members.


Family Emergency Fund - FEF

There have been times where our community members have faced extremely difficult challenges. Circumstances such as the deportation of family members or a sudden inability for provider’s to work because of health issues led to the need for food, financial, and emotional support resources. With our Family Emergency Fund (FEF), we have supported more than 1,019 families in difficult emergency situations.


Especially in the presence of the pandemic, these situations have severely derailed the lives of our community members. However, as a team, we are incredibly proud of the incredible resilience that everyone has shown and are grateful for the lessons we have learned during this time.


SNAP Enrollment

SNAP Enrollment is one of our oldest programs at Comunidades Unidas. Since 2014, we’ve trained our promotoras on the application policies and processes. In 2021 and 2022 alone, we assisted a total of 552 with both new applications and recertifications for SNAP.


Social Media

We are incredibly grateful to all of the users and followers of our social media pages. Through them, we were able to understand what services they needed and provide the necessary resources. Comunidades Unidas was able to provide direct help with and information about rental assistance, food banks, SNAP applications, health and dental clinics, immigration lawyers and advocates, DACA, worker’s rights, and much more. We are thrilled to be able to connect a wide range of community members with services through our social media platforms.


CU’s Promotorxs Program -

CU's Community Health Workers

Comunidades Unidas’ Promotorxs, or Community Health Workers (CHW), program is founded on an evidence-based practice model supported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This program contains trusted community leaders who look for ways they can uplift and empower their community.


Promotorxs founded Comunidades Unidas in 1999 and play an essential role in our communities in many different aspects, while continuing to be at the forefront of community health work. They share crucial information and resources in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner, along with creating connections with other government entities and organizations to ensure our community members have access to necessary resources.


The Fight for Legislative Change in Utah

Comunidades Unidas started a petition urging Utah Senator Mitt Romney to support a pathway to citizenship for essential workers. That petition has been signed by over 1,000 people so far,and we will continue to advocate for a pathway to citizenship. You can find the petition here.


Additionally, the Immigrant Rights team at CU organized to ensure that Romney's “Family Security Act 2.0” includes all families in his child tax credit, or CTC, proposal. The proposal currently excludes undocumented and mixed-status families. Our team created a petition, wrote an article for the Salt Lake Tribune, and had a meeting with Senator Romney's staff with UTST to maintain the fact that all families, regardless of their immigration status, deserve equal access to basic resources.


Movement Organizations in Utah

During this year of 2022, we organized and led the “Love Belongs Together” rally. As February 14th is one of the most profitable days for companies in the U.S, and their revenues depend on immigrant labor, over 150 Utahns skipped work and school to join Comunidades to demand a pathway to citizenship for essential workers.

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