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Good bye Gabriel!

Gabriel Lopez, volunteer of Comunidades Unidas

Gabriel Lopez is eighteen-years old and he was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He moved to Utah when he was thirteen. He is a volunteer of Comunidades Unidas since December of 2017.

“During my 9 months working with the organization, I have mostly been involved with our Voter Registration Program by building up our database of registered voters. In doing so, I have worked mainly with Francisca Figueroa, CU’s Marketing Specialist. In June of 2018, I graduated from Brighton High School and plan to attend the University of California San Diego in late September to study Molecular Biology.”

Gabriel, the CU Family wishes you the best! We are so grateful for all the volunteer work you have been doing for the community and the Civic Engagement Program.

¡Buena suerte en San Diego!


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