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When: Monday, February 14th

Time: 12 pm (noon) Location: Utah State Capitol Facemask Required

We are at a critical moment as a country. As 2022 began, Build Back Better legislation promises historical investments in climate change, childcare, education, and immigration hangs in the balance. Immigrants cannot continue to be essential and deportable. It's time for Congress to include a path to citizenship for the 11+ million undocumented immigrants in the Build Back Better project with Utah's Congressional Delegation leadership. CU has decided to partake in a call to action and rally on February 14th and head towards the State Capitol to amp up the pressure to ensure that the elected officials do not give up on this transformative piece of legislation.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the broken promises made, uplift the stories of directly impacted community members and urge our representatives and elected officials to support a pathway to citizenship. We are determined to win this year, and we know the Senate can provide citizenship through reconciliation. Join Us; We Need You! Leading with love, Mayra Cedano & CU Team.


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