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The American Dream and Promise Act

Comunidades Unidas has been working extensively on H.R. 6, also known as the Dream and Promise Act. With the efforts of our amazing team and community, we issued a Call to Action on June 4th and asked our representatives to vote “YES” on H.R. 6. The bill successfully passed the House of Representatives in a count of 237-187 votes. This bill would provide over two-million individuals a pathway to citizenship, including DACA, TPS, and DED recipients.

This was a monumental moment for everyone as it has been nearly a decade since any form of clean and permanent legislation has been introduced and passed in any chamber of Congress.

We had a big win in the House but now we need to win in the Senate. In order to ensure that this bill passes, we have to change the hearts and minds of those in power. This is why we are introducing our “My Story/Mi Historia” campaign! Community members are sharing their personal stories to highlight the urgent need to pass H.R. 6--a permanent solution for themselves and their community.

We cannot do this alone, we are asking for your help to call your Senators today and tell them to vote YES on H.R. 6. This is a crucial moment, we cannot let more time pass by as thousands of Utahns remain in limbo. Remember, these are your friends, your family members, and your coworkers. Let’s fight with them!

Senator’s contact info:

Senator Mike Lee:

Tel.: 202-224-5444

Twitter: @SenMikeLee

Senator Mitt Romney:

Phone: (202)-224-5251


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