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Promotoras Graduation 2018: New community projects that empower Latino families!

The promotoras graduation took place on June 9th, 2018, it consisted of a group of 9 women and a young man that are leaders in their communities and wish to continue growing in their leadership. We thank the director of Comunidades Unidas organization and its staff for their commitment to make the mission of empowering the community a reality.

The Promotoras training is a means to show leaders the personal, professional and institutional resources available to carry out their work in the community.

One of the graduation requirements was to do a communal project on the following subjects:

Women you can be in Charge: This project was developed with a group of women from West Valley City who, according to the survey that was done before the project began, said they had no major problems in their daily lives. After a variety of informational talks were given to them, this group of women expressed personal and family concerns regarding their health and social issues; they particularly expressed concern about the immigration status. An emergency plan was put in practice for them to help prevent further anxiety in the face of unexpected events.

Primary Access to Health: The objective of this project was to inform people of the importance of maintaining a primary doctor. The project was put in practice and a month and a half later, 15 families had found a primary doctor.

College Board FAFSA: This project was developed by a group of young leaders, some currently in High School, and others already students at the University of Utah.

They used their own experience to develop a format that allows young students to navigate the existing online tools once they approach higher education. The resulting knowledge will be shared with high school students who attend Comunidades Unidas as volunteers or those who are contacted by the different programs that the organization offers.

These projects are all connected with programs that Comunidades Unidas has implemented and they will be used to continue assisting the people that was initially contacted as well as new groups according to their needs.

Congratulations to all the graduates!


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