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Through the dedication and ceaseless work of our promotorxs, staff, volunteers, and interns, we have accomplished so much in the last 23 years. Comunidades Unidas is committed to creating systemic change (a more equitable and just society), from providing direct services to community members in need, to advocacy and community organizing. We will continue to fight for immigrants rights and for social and economic equity. We challenge oppressive and inequitable institutions at their roots and work to bring about new and just systems. However, none of this would have been possible without the support of our partners, donors, and grantors. We are filled with gratitude towards those who share our core values and have made the decision to contribute to our efforts. Consider donating today so that we may continue (providing essential services/our work/our advocacy).


COVID-19 Clinics

Dimos más de 4,000 vacunas contra COVID-19 a la comunidad en las clínicas que se realizaron aquí en CU con la ayuda del Departamento de Salud de Salt Lake County. 


We administered more than 4,000 COVID-19 vaccines to the community at clinics that were held here at CU with the help of the Salt Lake County Health Department. 


UCCP Cancer Control

El año pasado 45 mujeres de bajos recursos sin cobertura médica se realizaron una mamografía gratuita aquí en Comunidades Unidas, y más de 100 personas recibieron educación sobre la prevención de cáncer de seno, con la colaboración con Huntsman Cancer y U Health. 


This past year 45 low income women without health insurance received a free mammogram here at Comunidades Unidas, and more than 100 people received education about preventing breast cancer, in collaboration with Huntsman Cancer and U Health.


Sexual Health

En sólo los últimos 3 meses hemos podido dar información sobre salud sexual a casi 500 miembros de nuestra comunidad por medio de videos en Facebook. 


In just the past 3 months, we were able to provide information about sexual health to almost 500 members of our community through Facebook videos. 


Project NaVDS/Ventanilla de Saludme

En nuestra Ventanilla de Salud en el Consulado de México se han atendido a más de 2,016 personas, hemos entregado más 11,169 servicios, y se logró vacunar 615 personas contra la influenza y 6,660 contra el COVID-19.  


In our Health Booth in the Mexican Consulate, 2,016 people have been attended to, 11,169 people received services, and we were able to vaccinate 615 people for the flu and 6,660 for COVID-19. 

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