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Be part of the change!: Vote for 2 Leadership Team Volunteer Spotlight

Uriel Morales, Leadership Team Captain " Over the years, I have witnessed the marginalization that my parents have endured. Being such a witness, I have observed and learned how to help advocate for my parents and use my voice to express their needs, concerns, and communicate the changes they need. These experiences have shown me that participating in civic engagement is at the root-beginning of the changes we want to see and know that our families and communities need. Voting and helping to register eligible voters in our communities provides us not only the opportunity to raise our voice but also help represent the needs and changes that members in our communities, who have been forced into the shadows, have a voice as well".    

Volunteer: Uriel Morales, Leadership Team Captain.

Francisca Figueroa, Digital Campaign Coordinator. "Working with my community, I have realized the needs of Latinx families. Many of these families face low incomes, limited access to health resources, are discriminated against and face unfair working conditions. My goal is to ensure that I continue to empower my community so that families do not continue to struggle with discrimination and can have access to equitable resources. This is the reason why I am a volunteer to register Latinx voters, because I know that voting is how we can change this reality".    

Volunteer: Francisca Figueroa Digital Campaign Coordinator

You can be part of the Leadership Team this 2018, join us! Here


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