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Comunidades Unidas 22nd Anniversary

Join our team on September 4 at Little City's Beer Garden. This family-friendly event provides our team the chance to relax and reconnect with each other, our supporters, and the community as a whole. Event Facebook link:

The event will run from 6:00 pm to10:00 pm, and we will be having a formal toast at 8:00 pm. If you are unable to join us in person, you can send our team a virtual toast at Virtual toasts over $150 will receive a special gift basket that can be delivered to you.

CU has been very busy for the last 22 years, but these last 18 months, we have been frontline workers supporting the Latinx and immigrant community in Utah during these unprecedented times.

Our dedicated team has been running nonstop since the pandemic began in March 2020. While some of us were learning to make sourdough bread, the dedicated employees of CU played a substantial role in combating COVID-19 in the Latinx community in Utah. Their COVID-19-related work included: testing and vaccination events, covid-19 resource and referral line, a family emergency fund, CU's culturally competent food pantry, and local and state advocacy.

While tackling COVID-19 head-on, our talented team continued to provide the community with other services like Pandemic-EBT, SNAP enrollment, nutrition workshops, access to health resources, financial empowerment, workers rights and safety, immigration, immigration reform organizing, and many other services and resources needed to achieve a higher quality of life and become more active members in the community.

For 22 years, CU has been at the forefront of supporting the growing Latinx population in Utah. In the face of a pandemic and other significant challenges, this organization thrived because it remains committed to the people we serve.

Please join us in celebrating our anniversary by donating $22 for 22 years. Follow the link

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