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Services for Health and Safety in 2023

In September, we celebrated the independence days of many Latin American countries, giving us the opportunity to connect with our community about our health and social programs. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of organizing our annual Health Fair. This event underlines the strength of our community by bringing everyone together to offer crucial access to resources and health services, including primary health screenings, flu vaccines, vision tests, and invaluable education for all members of our community. Thanks to the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers, members of the CU team, and the reliable support of our partners, we continue to have a profound impact on the lives of those we serve. We remain committed to our promise to help our community members live healthier lives regardless of background or status.


We’re thankful to AARP for their generous support and sponsorship to bring our Health Fair to life, as well as to Community Nursing Services, the University of Utah for the Wellness Bus that has supported this event year after year, and to all our partners who joined us. We are excited that our community was able to access these essential services and receive the invitation to join us in the fight for social justice.

In November, we held an event in Park City to reconnect with and provide services to the Latinx and immigrant community in that area. It has been many years since we have had the chance to organize an event there due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to provide jackets, shoes, COVID-19 home test kits, personal safety equipment for construction workers, workers' rights materials, and other personal hygiene products. We are excited by the impact this event had on the Park City community through the services and educational information provided about available social programs. We continue strengthening the trust, commitment, and collaboration between our organization, partners, and community members in Park City. We are increasing awareness and creating new relationships to build the social and political power that allows our community to prosper and transform themselves and their families. We are grateful to Rocky Mountain Power for making this event possible through their sponsorship and collaboration! We would also like to acknowledge our partner Comunidad Materna en Utah which provided educational information about their services, as well as St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Park City for hosting and getting the word out to those who may have been interested.


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