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Coronavirus Update

We hope this message finds you in good health. Given the current Coronavirus situation, Comunidades Unidas will follow all necessary precautions to keep our staff, volunteers, and community safe.

Per the suggestion of health officials, all of our public events will be postponed until further notice and Comunidades Unidas’ offices will be closed to the public from now until Monday, March 30th. The majority of our work will be moved online and over the phone including our Immigration Clinic, Census outreach and education, community trainings, and meetings.

As we know, public health issues disproportionately affect immigrants due to access issues and anti-immigrant policies such as the “public charge rule.” Immigrant families in Utah might be afraid and reluctant to seek health services. As a response, Comunidades Unidas along with many partner organizations, are discussing ways to inform our community about the Coronavirus, how to prevent it from spreading, and resources available to everyone regardless of immigration status.

Comunidades Unidas’ phone line and Facebook and Instagram channels will remain active and we encourage you to stay informed of any new development through those avenues. CU’s phone line 801-487-4143 is available Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 6:00 p.m

Best regards,

Mayra Cedano Executive Director

Comunidades Unidas

Coronavirus Resources


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