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Immigrants are Human Too!

It has not been easy. The battle to stop the collaboration between the Salt Lake County Jail and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been a long and difficult battle. But difficult never stopped us! Today we continue to fight for the rights of immigrants. We continue to raise our voices for those who cannot, especially throughout these times of hardship.

Including, asking for the release of those detained at the county by the request of ICE. These days, we are especially concerned for those that are immunocompromised which include the elderly, pregnant, medically-risk and any others who can be compromised due to COVID-19. And our concerns have only grown bigger now that we’ve heard and seen inmates at the county jail testing positive for the virus with little action to ensure those detained by ICE requests are protected from the spread of the virus. This is not fair. Immigrants are people too and they deserve to be treated with humanity and respect. At this moment to neglect them is to neglect their right to live. They are human too.

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